Go back to the early history of PEWTER

Returned to at least 2,000 years during the Roman Empire In this era, the first household appliances were used, most of which consisted of a pitcher with a lid, a tin plate and a candle holder.

Around the 12th century, pewter was only the access of the rich and the nobility found on the castle’s table and in the homes of wealthy merchants and churches. Later, it was used in taverns and cottages.

Nowadays, it becomes a fashion to buy pewter for daily use instead of silverware.

There is only one thing that can be found in the changes in Elements of lead and tin Today, there are 95% – 97% tin with the balance created from copper and antimony. Guaranteed lead-free products and safe for use with all food and beverages.

The ancient craft of tin making has been revived in Thailand by Royal Thai Pewter in 1979.
Most parts are still made in the traditional way in our factory by Thai men and women who have been specially trained in old-fashioned casting methods, assembly and delicate hand decoration These skills take many years to come.

Has consistently adopted the highest standards of design and quality control in the manufacture of these luxury products

As has been the tradition for centuries, so today: each piece has a company quality certificate and guarantees the composition of pewter.


In addition, Royal Thai Pewter has brought a tin machine to combine with other appliances such as glass, ceramics, wood, etc., resulting in a variety of product styles. Beautiful, contemporary, more popular Adding more utility to customers, choosing to use in accordance with the needs according to various occasions.

how to care your pewter

Pewter is easy to store, never deteriorates or is easily damaged. And being used on special occasions In addition, it can be easily engraved and engraved on the work piece by a highly experienced jeweler.

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